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My work history

I started my career in radio, working for a 100,000-Watt public radio station during college. There, I did everything from announcing classical music to writing and broadcasting newscasts to going out on election night and reporting the results.

After college, I continued in radio for about five more years. I was the copywriter and then production director for two radio stations in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids market. It was an educational experience, and I have many stories (as anyone who has worked in radio does). I learned a lot about my own capabilities and writing under pressure with impossible deadlines.

Once I moved to Omaha, I was the senior writer for an advertising agency. Before long, I was promoted to associate creative director. I enjoyed working with art directors and graphic artists, and of course clients from every type of business. I found my love of brainstorming product names, developing eye- and ear-catching teasers and headlines, and writing for different media.

After my husband and I had our second daughter in two years, I decided to take the plunge and start freelancing. So, in 2005, I started my own business. To my surprise and delight, I love it more than any other job I’ve had. I can concentrate on my clients’ businesses in a way I never could in an office. Plus, I get to work directly with really great people.

I’ve now moved to Brookings, South Dakota, where I am continuing to work with clients from all over the country.

Now I’m ready to work with you.

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